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  • EU Students:

Please check first if there is a student exchange agreement between your home department of studies and our Sciences & Technology Dpt, make sure your level allows you to go. The best way is to contact your university’s international exchange office, the person in charge will guide you through the stages.
Then, if you get nominated, we will send you the link to register yourself on our online plateforme.


After nomination by their own university, incoming students have to apply on the online portal.

  • NON EU students:

Please contact our main international office :

BOURSE EIFFEL :  please connect to the dedicated website.


  • International Staff (teaching staff & others):

Please contact our main international office.

If you wish to apply for Erasmus+ teaching mobility /staff training mobility, please send us your motivation letter, curriculum vitae and the required period.

Phd, researchers & teacher/researcher, please contact Euraxess center