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The VAE at the University of Orléans

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Here is how a VAE takes place with the SeFCo at the University of Orléans!

Degree Identification

Your request must first be based on the choice of a degree that is consistent with your experience and your project. 

To help you make your choice, you can:


Consulting Appointment

To allow us to study the relevance of your project, you can make an appointment with a SEFCO officer at any time during the year.


Booklet 1 - Admissibility and Feasibility File

When starting a VAE process to obtain a diploma at the University of Orléans, you first need to be eligible. Then, you will have to complete a file entitled “Booklet 1” (“Livret 1”) allowing you to study the educational feasibility of your project. 

The results of the feasibility study will be communicated to you and will allow you to pursue your project, unless the eligibility opinion is negative.


Booklet 2 – Dissertation

The “Booklet 2” (or “Livret 2”) gathers the necessary elements for the valorisation of skills acquired within the framework of your professional experiences and/or extra-professional experiences.
In this respect, the Booklet 2, both in substance and form, as well as in its argumentation, and in the relevance of the evidence provided, are all necessary elements for the writing of a dissertation. 
To help you in this process, the SEFCO offers to guide you. This support, which will be both collective and individual, is optional and for a fee. Its aim is to allow you after several appointments to achieve a good analysis of your experience and an explanation of your acquired skills, consistently with the targeted degree.


You will speak for 20 minutes, and then the jury will ask you a number of questions. After the viva, the result will be announced. You will have 3 possibilities:

  • A complete validation;
  • A partial validation, in which case a 3-year prescription will apply;
  • A refusal.