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Short Training Courses

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The University of Orléans offers short qualifying training courses designed by teachers-researchers.

These courses aim at perfecting the knowledge of your employees and allowing your partners to obtain specific expertise, new techniques, new tools or new working methods.

Short trainings take place at the University of Orléans, and internships can last from one day to a few days.

You can still register to the following internships:

  • “Hydrogeological tracing” training course: short course of 2 days or long course of 1 week, organised by CETRAHE, the R&D Unit of Expertise and of Transfer in Tracing Applied to Hydrogeology and to the Environment. Next short internship session over 2 days: 6 and 7 October 2020 (long internship from 5 to 9 October). Registration deadline: 14 September 2020.


Consult the CETRAHE section on our webiste for more information on the training course, or download the available brochures at the bottom of this page. 

Contact the SEFCO for other inquiries!