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Here you will find the general pricing principals for the continuing training offer.

The pricing policy of our training courses open to the public and our continuing education service is set by the Administrative Board of the University of Orléans on the proposal of the President of the University (article 8 of decree n°85-1118 of 18 October 1985). 

The pricing policy and the fees currently displayed are valid for the year 2021.

This pricing list applies to the public of continuing education integrating a training course, leading to a diploma or not, within the formal education offer or within a special continuing education programme.

The cost of a training course is composed of two parts: the university registration fees (DI) and the training costs.

The University Registration Fees (DI)

The registration fees are set by ministerial decree each year.

For the university year 2021-2022, they are of:

  • 170€ for a bachelor’s degree level;
  • 243€ for a master’s degree level;
  • 380€ for a doctorate level;
  • 601€ for an engineer degree.

Registration fees are due for all training courses leading to a degree, for both national and university diplomas.

They do not apply in the following cases: for short-term training courses, for modular courses. 

The Training Costs

The training costs are voted by the Administrative Board of the University of Orléans. Their amount is calculated according to the material and human resources made available by the university to enable the trainee to train according to the chosen method.

They are applicable for all natural or legal person that signed a training contract, an agreement or a professionalization contract.

Special Cases

The professionalization contract: training courses with a professionalization contract are the object of a global billing addressed to the sponsors that includes the training costs and the registration fees. No training cost nor fees can be requested from the intern registered in a professionalization contract. 

The integration in a formal modular training course: the price of a modular training course includes a flat fee (with a reduced registration fee) and training costs calculated on the basis of an hourly cost. They do not involve the payment of university registration fees. 

University Diploma, short-term training courses: the training costs of University Diplomas (DU) and of short-term trainings are specific to each training. For more details, see the detailed descriptions of special training courses.