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CAPEFE Training/Certification 2022-2023

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Here you will find all the information on the Aptitude Certificate to Participate in French Education Abroad (CAPEFE).

The INSPE of the Centre Val de Loire region offers a training course to prepare for the Aptitude Certificate to Participate in French Education Abroad (CAPEFE) from October 2022 to June 2023. Applicants who have followed this course will be able to present themselves to the certification session organised by the INSPE in June 2023.

The CAPEFE vouches for a level of skills and knowledge expected to take part in teaching in French educational institutions abroad, a mastery of one or more foreign languages and, if so, the knowledge of one or more regional geographical areas.


  • Students registered in first or second year of a master’s degree, in one of the Master’s Degrees MEEF (Careers in Teaching, Education and Training) or another specialisation, at any time in their master studies (contact the ISNPE);
  • Tenured teaching and administration staff from public schools;
  • Other categories (trainee teachers, contract teachers, tenured teachers, etc) can register via the SEFCO within the limit of 5 places available outside the agreement with the local education authority (see conditions below).


Pre-requisites for Training and Certification

Being able to justify a B2 level with the appropriate exam or certificate (TOEIC, TOEFL, CLES level 2, etc) of less than 5 years, or have a 10-minute interview with a teacher from the INSPE during the application period.

The B2 level of the CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), also called “vantage” or “independent”, requires a thorough understanding of all types of documents and subjects, and a high degree of fluency in oral production, on all types of subjects, including abstract ones.

Reference text:


Training and Certification Objectives

  • Preparing for the national CAPEFE certification;
  • Understanding the interaction mechanisms with learners in a multilingual context and the learning processes of a second language (FLE, FLESCO, LV, LS);
  • Understanding the international environment and the stakes of French education policy abroad;
  • Add value to cultural, linguistic and cross-cultural skills of staff members and students with a training course leading to a qualification;
  • Promote the mobility of French teachers abroad.

The training programme is available for download below.


Application Form

To apply to this training course and to the certification, please complete the file below and return it before 9 September 2022.


Practical Information

Training and certification fee for external candidate with an individual registration:

  • SeFCo training costs: €575 for 30 hours of training
  • INSPE registration fees for the certification: €50

Please note that the registration fee cannot be refunded except in exceptional cases. Payment should be sent to the ISNPE registrar’s office.


For more information, you can contact the SeFCo at 02 38 41 71 80 every day except on Tuesdays.
If you have an additional request, you can contact us via our contact form.

For information regarding:

Note: The 2022-2023 session will only open if there are enough candidates