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In the past year Covid-19 has impacted all universities and the organization of Higher Education in most countries.

As the new academic year is starting, we would like to inform you about the different measures taken on our campus according to the current health situation in France.

The University of Orléans is resuming face to face teaching while respecting health and safety measures. The welcoming of the students is organized in conditions that allow the respect of rules of hygiene and distancing.

Wearing a hygienic mask is now mandatory for students and staff on all campuses, inside and outside.

In the event of a health emergency affecting one of the campuses of the University of Orléans, modifications in the planned organization of the courses may take place, in particular through the use of distance learning or hybrid courses.

The University of Orléans continues to welcome exchange students from all partners inside and outside Europe.

Should exchange students wish to apply for the second semester (starting January 2021) they are more than welcome. We recommend that they send all the documentation before October 5th 2021 according to our internal procedures you already know about.

We look forward to continuing our successful partnerships and hope we can all remain healthy and safe.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.