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Master in Fundamental Physics and Applications (PhyFA)

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The Master of Fundamental Physics and Applications (PhyFA) offers intensve training un high-level research and is based on 2 specialities : Matières et Radiations (MR) and Space Sciences and Applications (SSA)

The Master of Fundamental Physics and Applications (PhyFA) offers intensive training in high-level research in two areas of excellence of the Orléans research center : :

  • Condensed matter physics and radiations.
  • Space environnement Physics.

The training includes several internships including a final internchips of at least 4 months.

The first year is entirely in the common core, in order to provide students with a solid base of knowledge and skills allowing them to easily integrate other masters in physics

The second year includes two specialities :

  •     Matter and Radiations (MR) is a trainig in the field of condensed matter physics and interactions between radiation (waves or particles) and matter, benefiting from a leading instrument platform in orleans. The themes addressed concern on the one hand Condensed Matter : heterogeneous or/and disordered materials, nanostructures, and on the other hand, interactions between Radiation and Matter : irradiation, plamas, imaging, spectrocopies or the radiation scaterring.
  •     Space Sciences and Applications (SSA) is an intensive "space by space" training entirely in English, with a strong involvement of students in space projects (satellites) and on the ground (Nançay radio astronomy station) with high international visibility. The program covers the basics of radio astronomy, space environnement physics and space propulsion.