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The Stages of a VAPP

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Step 1: Validating your Training Programme

Policy Officers from the SEFCO will accompany you in the analysis and the implementation of the training project that corresponds best to your experience and your objectives.

Step 2: Completing your Application File

The SEFCO gives you the VAPP file on which you will sum up your professional and personal experience as well as your training journey. You will also explain your training project and how your experience can allow you to follow the targeted course via a motivation letter. You will have the possibility to require course exemptions.

Step 3: Examining your File

Your VAPP file is examined by an educational committee and, if needed, will be completed with an interview. The educational committee will decide if your level allows you to apply and can also decide on course exemptions. Your College will inform you of the answer via mail and will also inform the SEFCO.

Step 4: Resuming your Studies

Once your VAPP file is validated to enter a training course and your application is accepted if there is a recruitment commission, you will enter the training course as a “continuing education trainee”. The administrative steps related to registration are centralized by the SEFCO.