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The UO’s Continuing Education Service

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Lifelong learning: why you should choose the University of Orléans

Are you thinking of a career change?

Do you wish to update your skills in order to energise your career?

Or do you want to get your skills recognized and to obtain a diploma?

Whether you are an employee, looking for a job or an independent worker, the UO’s Continuing Education Service (SEFCO) is here to support you and guide you in the construction of your training project. 

The SEFCO’s Missions:

  • Counselling and guiding interns in the construction of an individual professional project;
  • Supporting all procedures for the granting of accreditations of learning in order to access a training programme and/or to obtain a diploma from the University of Orléans;
  • Building training programmes and educational measures to adapt and perfect the interns’ skills;
  • Being a player in the economic and social development by putting in relation the University and the working world.

Why choose the University of Orléans?

  • A rich and varied training offer in addition to a research activity in cutting-edge fields;
  • A team of experts to meet the expectations of private individuals and businesses;
  • Tailor-made trainings and an expertise in educational engineering;
  • Varied training programmes adapted to the lifelong development of professional skills.