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The DAEU: an equivalent to the French Baccalaureate.

The Diploma to Access University Studies (DAEU) is a national diploma (level 4) which gives the same rights as the Baccalaureate.
It is intended for people who did not obtain the Baccalaureate or an equivalent and who wish to pursue higher studies.

This diploma has four main objectives: 

  • A resumption of higher studies (university studies, IUT, BTS, specialised schools);
  • A better professional integration or promotion;
  • An upgrade and a training in general knowledge;
  • A preparation for administrative or professional competitive exams.

The University of Orléans’ Continuing Education Service (SeFCo) prepares and awards this diploma for applicants living in the following administrative departments: 18, 28, 36 or 45.

Two specialities are available:

The DAEU A: Humanities, Languages and Social Science

The DAEU B: Sciences

In Orléans, both DAEU A and B are available.

In Bourges, the DAEU A is available.

In Châteauroux, the DAEU A is available.

According to your situation, you can register in:

You will then be registered as a trainee in Continuing Education. This status is regulated by the labour code.