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Registration Conditions

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Here you will find all the conditions to register to a DAEU.

To be able to register to a DAEU, applicants must:

  • Be more than 24 years old;
  • Be more than 20 years old if they interrupted their initial studies for more than 2 years and have 2 years of professional activity;
  • Have never obtained a baccalaureate (general or professional) or an equivalent;
  • For foreign applicants, a valid residence permit covering the training period is required;
  • Have received a positive answer to their pre-registration request and have passed the admission tests.

To train yourself, you will find examples of admission tests below:

French, English, Maths A and Maths B


  • The time between the first registration for the diploma and its acquisition cannot exceed 4 years;
  • People born after 30 September 2003 cannot register to the 2022-2023 session of the DAEU.



Having solid knowledge on the corresponding subjects for each type of DAEU:

  • DAEU A: upper secondary school or BEP level
  • DAEU B: Year 12 in General Science or Engineering Science

Or having acquired skills through professional experience.