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Here you will find details on the process to prepare for the DAEU and its exam.

Preparing for the DAEU does not aim to reproduce Year 13, but it enables to develop the required skills to pursue university or other higher education studies. 

It helps applicants to:

  • Go in depth and enrich their general knowledge, their writing and oral skills in French;
  • Give them additional cultural knowledge and methodological tools.

The applicant who registers to this DAEU preparation must be aware that the number of places is limited and that this resumption of studies requires a good work organisation and some personal adjustments.

You have to plan and make time for reading, revising and written homework. 

Attendance to the classes is essential since the results of the diploma depend on the quality of your personal investment. 

Throughout this training course, your knowledge will be assessed in each subject with tests (assignments on site or at home).

The various grades obtained for each subject may count in the exam final grade, particularly if you were motivated and if you have provided personal work.

The Courses

Preparation courses for the DAEU begin in October and will end at the end of May (subject to change).
They take place in the evening during the week and on Saturday mornings (see the calendar that will be handed to the trainees at the beginning of the year).Refresher course modules will be offered during the last weeks of September, before the beginning of the DAEU preparation courses.

Subjects and examples of programmes and exams


Programmes and examples of exams
French Argumentation, Programme, Exam
English Programme, Exam
Mathematics Programme A, Programme B, Exam A, Exam B
History Programme, Exam
Geography Programme, Exam
Subjects that are not prepared at the University of Orléans*


Programmes and examples of exams
Chemistry Programme, Exam
Biology Programme, Exam
Physics Programme, Exam

*possible opening is subject to a sufficient number of registrations


The Exam

In order to validate the degree, applicants have to present the 4 subjects at the exam, either:

  • The same year and obtain an average grade of at least 10/20;
  • Over maximum 4 years in total and obtain an average grade of at least 10/20 in each of the 4 subjects. 


Procedure and documents to download

Disabled persons can benefit from an adjustment during tests and end-of-term exams.
A form must  be completed at the beginning of the academic year with the Disability Support Services of the University (“Passerelle Handicap”). Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.