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The SEFCO’s Catalogue of University Diplomas

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Discover our offer of university diplomas!

In order to meet some specific training needs, the University of Orléans offers a range of University Diplomas (DU), which are certifications created and accredited by the institution. With a temporary or professional vocation, they recognise a specific training course, intended to meet needs that are not covered by national diplomas (Bachelor’s – Master’s – Doctorate degrees).

University Diplomas Available at the UO:

If you wish to perfect your knowledge of the French language, the French Institute (IDF) offers diplomas including the DUEF, which can be obtained in one semester. Each diploma is composed of 19 to 20 hours of weekly classes, divided into Teaching Units (UE) implementing skills in written comprehension, oral comprehension, written expression and oral expression. 

These skills are acquired through the study of the French language, culture and civilisation.

Courses at the IDF also help prepare for DELF and DALF certifications, the official national diplomas of French language for foreigners, which are granted by the French Ministry of Education.