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The University Diploma (DU), an Institutional Degree

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What is a DU?

The University Diploma (DU) is a degree granted by the University of Orléans.

It is not a State diploma, which means it is granted in the name of the institution that offers it, and not in the name of the State or the Ministry. University diplomas are regulated by article L613-2 of the Education code.

Each university diploma is unique and aims at acquiring expertise in a particular field or at responding to local challenges.

The university diploma is not subject to a control by the Ministry of Higher Education. It is financed by the University’s equity, which approves its creation after a vote of the Administrative Board.

The University chooses the training course’s hourly volume, its programme, its educational content, its selection criteria and its tuition fees in complete autonomy. 


Who is a DU for?

The DU is for people who wish to obtain skills in a specific field, to complete their initial education or to change of profession. 

DUs are designed to welcome public in continuing education. The majority of them are however open to initial education. 


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