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Administrative Procedures

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Here you will find a summary of all the administrative procedures you will need to follow before, during and after your study trip. 

Please note: at every step, from your application to your return from your trip, all administrative procedures are carried out online.

There is one dedicated form per step: 1 step = 1 form!

  • Application form
  • Funding request form
  • Beginning and follow-up of mobility form
  • End of mobility form

All forms are available via the mobility portal; you can find some of them in the “Useful Documents” section.


Access the leaving mobility portal here (application for Erasmus+ Studies):

Access the funding portal here (for internships and studies):

Example: to apply for a study trip, the corresponding form is “Leaving application for Erasmus+ / year concerned”.


For an internship mobility, it is not necessary to apply, you can go directly on the funding portal. Please choose the right form (correct year).

For a funding request, the corresponding for is “Funding request – Training” or “Funding request – Internship”, and so on.

NB: All documents listed in the forms are mandatory. Incomplete applications will not be processed. The “Your steps” document lists all the procedures, do not forget to use it!

The VICI service is at your disposal during all the administrative preparation of your Erasmus+ trip.