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Prepare your trip in advance!

Each year, information reunions on international mobility are organised by the International Development, Communication and Integration (VICI) Department and take place at the beginning of the semester (usually in October). Don’t forget to be there!

  • For who? All students from 2nd year of a bachelor’s degree (L2); steps are described in the “Apply” section
  • When? A study trip is prepared 1 year ahead (see conditions below in the “How?” section)
  • Where? The College of Science and Techniques offers several opportunities in various partner European universities
  • How? By appointment only

To contact the ERASMUS contact points of your field of study, see the list below

Organisation schedule of a mobility project:

October: Information meetings on international mobility (both in and outside Europe)
November-January: Prepare your application and submit it online
February-March: Hearing by the selection committee
April-June: Selected candidates are appointed to the partner universities
The student then prepares the mobility form (online): application for funding, validation of course lists with partner universities, search for accommodation, transport, visa, etc.
Please note: the funding application form is available online on the funding portal.
Etudiants pour la journée internationale

JMI (International Mobility Days)

The International Central Office will manage your study trip outside Europe.