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The application process is entirely online. Please note, you do not have to apply for an internship! If that is your case, go directly to the funding step.

All administrative and educational documents are to be downloaded in PDF format via our online portal. You will find mobility kits on page 2 of the portal’s welcome page, to display them, please fill out the information requested on page 1.

You can access the application portal on the following page for departing mobility:

The portal will lead you to the site of the International Central Office, scroll down the page and click on “mobility portal”.

The funding portal is available here:


The steps to follow:


1. Prepare your application

Etape candidature mobilité
  1. Choose your host university (minimum 2 choices)
  2. Make a projected list of courses per university 
  3. Make an appointment with your Erasmus POC and get your course lists approved
  4. Download the requested PDF files (see “Useful documents” section) 

2. Apply

Descriptif procédure
  1. Log onto the application portal
  2. Read the instructions carefully
  3. Choose the form that corresponds to your step
  4. Start a new application
  5. Download the requested documents in PDF format
  6. Submit your application

Please note that you can leave your application at any point and resume it later. To do so, do not forget to save each page.