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Useful Documents

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Here you will find all Erasmus+ and other useful documents.

The documents to submit with your application

  1. A resume
  2. A motivation letter
  3. The transcripts of grades of the previous 2 years, and the one of the previous semester (as soon as available)
  4. Provisional list of courses (available at the bottom of this page, Word document to download)

The documents to submit for a funding request

  1. A copy of your valid ID (must still be valid more than 6 months after the date of your return)
  2. EHIC: European Health Insurance Card
  3. Your bank account details / a repatriation insurance
  4. The mobility contract
  5. The educational contract

The documents to provide for and during your trip (studies and internships)

  1. Online funding request (for the concerned year
  2. Mobility kit (including the educational contract and the mobility contract)
  3. Results of the language test n°1 (OLS test)
  4. Certification of arrival

The documents to provide after your trip

  1. Mobility certificate (certification of departure)
  2. Results of the language test n°2
  3. Final report completed online

NB: All listed documents are mandatory. No application will be studied if the file is incomplete. No payment can be made without all the documents listed above.

Our Erasmus+ partners

You can find the list of all Eramus+ points of contact per study field in the “Keep yourself informed” section

  • Do not hesitate to contact us for your internships, you can make them abroad too!

Contact list

  • To contact the administration of the online platform:
    To obtain an answer, please use your student email address only.
  • Contact the VICI service