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French FFSU Indoor Athletics and Long Throw Championships in Miramas 2022

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Deux sportifs se saluant sur unepiste


Congratulations to our athletes for their excellent results and their 6 medals at the FFSU French Athletics Championships in Miramas!

Among the medallists we particularly congratulate:


Alice MITARD : French champion in the 1500 meters, studying at the INSPE in Orléans. 

Eva GUINGOUAIN : Vice-champion of France in pole vault, student in L1 STAPS in Orléans.

Roseva BIDOIS : Bronze medal in discus and shot put, studying in L3 STAPS in Orléans.

Oihan ETCHEGARAY : Bronze medal in pole vault, student in L2 STAPS in Orléans. 


and finally 2nd on the challenge race we meet again Alice MITARD accompanied by Pauline CAVE, L3 STAPS and Naoufel OUKKAL, L2 STAPS.


We are all proud to have seen you wear with pride the colors of the University of Orléans!