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Boost Your Skills with the VAE

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Obtaining a degree through a VAE (accreditation of prior experiential learning) can be an opportunity to evolve professionally, to boost your employability or make a career change.

This programme is for individuals as well as companies within the framework of individual or collective VAE.

Brought in by the company’s management, a collective VAE consists in implementing a VAE process for several employees at the same time on the same degree or on various degrees. 

Collective VAE in a company allows you to:

  • Promoting your company’s skills;
  • Optimizing training programmes;
  • Win your employees’ loyalty;
  • Encourage the recognition of skills, knowledge, and abilities of your employees that were acquired within a professional framework;
  • Manage employments and skills within your company.

All people in employment whatever their activity sector, whether they are in the private sector or in the public service, and whatever their nationality, and who have at least one year of full-time work experience can access this programme.

The experience taken into account concerns both employed activities and non-employed activities, extra-curricular activities (volunteering, personal activities, activities related to the status of elected representative…), periods of formal education or continuing education, all related to the targeted degree. 

We support you throughout your VAE process with individual or collective appointments with a policy officer and a teacher who are experts in the relevant field.

The University of Orléans offers VAE in the fields of Arts, Humanities and Languages, Human and Social Sciences, Law, Economics, Management, Sciences and Technology, and Health.

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