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The Stages of a VAE

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The SEFCO team is here to guide you throughout your VAE process.

Step 1: Advisory Meeting

To assess the feasibility of your VAE project.

Appointments throughout the year.

Step 2: Booklet 1

To make your VAE request official.

From October to April each year.

Step 3: Booklet 2

To show your skills in view of the degree.

Submissions of booklet 2 on 20 June or 20 December.

Step 4: Viva before a Jury of Professionals

To present the expected skills to the jury. 

October/November or March/April.

Step 5: Validation of the Degree

To completely or partially validate a degree.

Decision given by the jury after the viva.

Please note that a refusal of validation, although exceptional, remains possible.