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Sports and Culture Thursdays

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Have you always dreamed of performing on stage and are you free on Thursday afternoons? Sign up before January 31 to the creation of the show “Sports and culture” which will then be performed at the Bouillon during the Grand Bain festival at the end of April.




All Thursdays, workshops are offered by Mrs Isabelle Sabatier to help you train designing the show, and where you will be heartily invited to bring your personal touch (rap, graffiti, floss, digital art, yoga, singing, drawing, hip hop or any other sports or cultural addition that you may offer).

You will be able to get to grips and create a part based on one of these 2 themes: BODIES (where you will be free to choose between yoga and urban dance) or ART (music, free expression or video).

Each week, new speakers will come: dancer, pianist, percussionist, singer, video maker… in order to give you advice and tools to help you achieve a successful performance.

At the end of the semester, a show at the Bouillon will be planned where you and your partners will be able to reproduce what you have achieved during the semester, always under the supervision of Isabelle Sabatier and accompanied by professionals/artists mentioned above. 

If you want to register, click on this link!

As for your wishes, you can start filling them in by answering this form.