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GPEX (Graduate Program of Excellence)

Interested in a career in research?
Are you looking for a course of excellence that prepares you for it?
In fields with high development potential?
Enabling you to complete a prestigious doctoral thesis?

The Minerve Graduate Program of Excellence Model (GPEX) provides a 2-year opportunity to develop your scientific skills in the field of research, through a project-based approach, access to experimental or digital platforms, and the possibility of gradually immersing yourself in the laboratory, partially in M1 and totally in M2.

Once you have been selected for the GPEx course, you will benefit from:

- modular teaching, including 80% of courses from your Master's program at the University of Orléans. In addition, 20% of high-level training units will be taught on demand. This university course is based on a multi-disciplinary approach, project mode, access to "learning by doing" platforms, and progressive immersion in Research, Development and Innovation;

- a scholarship for excellence in the first year of study (M1);

- funding for 2nd year immersion/apprenticeship in a research laboratory.

A Minerve University Diploma (DU) will also validate this course in addition to the Master’s degree.

The different steps to register:

  1. If you have applied for the first year of a Minerve-labeled Master's program on MONMASTER, you must also apply for the GPEx Minerve for the first year of your Master's program via eCandidat from May 10 to May 25 (number of places limited) ►
  2. Wait for your Master's and GPEx Minerve course notifications in early June
  3. Confirm your application and register with the University of Orléans


The course’s strengths:

  • Pushing back the frontiers of knowledge
  • Developing technologies
  • Understanding phenomena through practice
  • Explaining and modeling mechanisms
  • Imagining the use of discoveries
  • Using cross-disciplinarity to innovate
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