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The HAL portal of the University of Orléans offers a showcase and access to the scientific production of the university that was submitted to the open archive HAL.


The open archive HAL aims to:

  • Improve the consultation and the international exposure of publications;
  • Promote the production of researchers, laboratories, and institutions while ensuring a very large distribution to the academic world (researchers and students), the general public, and the economic sector (civilian society);
  • Grant researchers and research units the possibility to manage their bibliographies by developing a list of publications, creating their personal webpage (CV HAL), and exporting automated feeds of their publications in webpages;
  • Ensure lasting, public preservation and access to publications;
  • Support the movement in favour of open access to publications and open science.

The HAL open archive meets the distribution criteria for open access of research works resulting from European research projects (Horizon 2020) and other financing organisations.

The open archive is managed by the CCSD - Centre for Direct Scientific Communication, a mixed service unit (UMS 3668) gathering the CNRS, INRIA, INRA, and the University of Lyon.

Support for HAL submissions

The SCD (University Library Services) set up a Research Support task force to support university researchers when it comes to open access and the use of the HAL portal: creating accounts, collections, making a submission, IdHAL ID, CV...


In 2019, the SCD supports the CEDETE, IRAMAT-CEB, ÉRCAÉ, I3MTO, CRJ Pothier, and PRISME laboratories by taking charge of submitting bibliographic references into HAL as a part of a formalised project and/or workshops on reporting and submitting publications into HAL, and on a broader level on the issues of open science.


The workshops - Submitting your publications to HAL and Managing a collection in HAL - are part of the staff training programme of the University of Orléans.


Contact: Pascale Solon, head of the Research support task force -


For more information:

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