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International tutorials and workshop on Digital Tools for Built Heritage diagnosis and monitoring

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Recent advances in 3D scanning technologies of buildings, combined with their progressive appropriation by an increasing number of users, make it possible today to consider the systematic production of data for historic buildings. Processing of these large amounts of multimodal data is essential for the monitoring and the diagnosis of built heritage. Thus, Historic Building Information Modelling (HBIM) appears today as a promising and critical strategy for making the best of the collected data.

However, due to the specificity of historic constructions (large-scale, complex and/or non-standardized architecture/materials/construction process, specific applications for monitoring), HBIM still faces challenges before being fully operational. This scientific event proposes to address these challenges by sharing the latest research in this field.

This international event will include two days of tutorials followed by two days of workshop. The objective of this event is to gather an interdisciplinary community around the growing use of digital tools for the monitoring and the diagnosis of built heritage: to identify the scientific and technological challenges as well as opportunities for relevant applications.


WorkshopWednesday 19 & Thursday 20 April 2023
•    Acquisition strategy: Laser scanning; photogrammetry; time-of-flight, thermal, hyperspectral imaging; expert knowledge
•    Data organization and processing: Scan-to-BIM; ontology; data indexing; visualization; collaborative approaches, multimodal fusion; 2D & 3D segmentation and detection; machine learning
•    Applications: Documentation; degradation and structural diagnosis; monitoring; dissemination

A call for contributions to the workshop involving oral presentations or demos will be open in February 2023. The tutorials will focus on case studies and labs. Workshop will tackle promising advances; this includes synthesis on recent or ongoing research projects.

Registration :
•    Public institutions – 180€
•    Students & PhD Scholars – 75€
•    Gala dinner – 50€
•    Fees are waived for members of ATHENA. 

Please visit the website for more details.

Affiche Built Heritage

Summer School – Tuesday 20 & Wednesday 21 August 2023
•    Laser scanning acquisition
•    Photos (terrestrial / drone) acquisition
•    3D Reconstruction from laser and/or photos
•    Application 1: GIS for mappings on orthophotos
•    Application 2: Machine Learning for degradation detection

•    100€ (2 days of training courses, meals : 2 lunches, dinner on Monday and coffee breaks).
•    Members of ATHENA can apply for their registration and travel fees to be waived. There is a limited amount. To apply follow the instructions here

Please visit the website for more details about this Summer School. 

Affiche Built Heritage Summer School