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Juillet 2021 Poster pour le PREBS 2021 à Bourges - DANIEAL 2 : assistance robotisée à l’insertion d’aiguille pour l’anesthésie loco-régionale écho-guidée. Consortium DANIEAL2
Juin 2020 In book: Advances in Service and Industrial Robotics (pp.85-92) Remote Center of Motion for Redundant Robotic-Assisted Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia
Mohammad Alkhatib, Cyril Novales, Laurence Nouaille, Adel Hafiane, Pierre Vieyres
Novembre 2019 IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 28 (11), 5407-5418 Abstract : Robust Adaptive Median Binary Pattern for noisy texture classification and retrieval
Mohammad Alkhatib, Adel Hafiane
Septembre 2019

Revue Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics

Volume 76
Abstract : Deep visual nerve tracking in ultrasound images
Mohammad Alkhatib, Adel Hafiane, Pierre Vieyres, Alain Delbos
24 mai 2019 Conférence dans le cadre des Journées d'Etude sur la TéléSanté (JETSAN) Télésanté et Imagerie biomédicale
Adel Hafiane
22 octobre 2018 ACM 12th International Workshop on Data and Text Mining in Biomedical Informatics (DTMBio) Abstract : Nerve contours tracking in ultrasound images for robotic surgery. attachment Xavier Cortés, Donatello Conte, Pascal Makris
04 octobre 2018 23es journées d’ingénierie bio médicale, organisées par l’AFIB (Association Française des Ingénieurs bio-médicaux) Intervention de P. Vieyres sur la thématique l’anesthésie locorégionale robotisée et le projet DANIEAL2
Mars 2018 Revue : Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine Abstract : Adaptive median binary patterns for fully automatic nerves tracking in ultrasound images.  Mohammad Alkhatib, Adel Hafiane, Omar Tahri, Pierre Vieyres, Alain Delbos
1 nov. 2016 Revue : Expert Systems with Applications, Volume 61
Pages 64-77, ISSN 0957-4174
Abstract : Assistive system based on nerve detection and needle navigation in ultrasound images for regional anesthesia. Oussama Hadjerci, Adel Hafiane, Nicolas Morette, Cyril Novales, Pierre Vieyres, Alain Delbos
25/28 sept. 2016 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2016), Phoenix, Arizona, USA Abstract : On-line learning dynamic models for nerve detection in ultrasound videos. attachment Oussama Hadjerci, Adel Hafiane, Pierre Vieyres, Donatello Conte, Pascal Makris, Alain Delbos.
5 juillet 2016 Revue : Informatics in Medicine Unlocked
ISSN 2352-9148
Abstract : Computer-Aided Detection system for nerve identification using ultrasound images: A comparative study. Oussama Hadjerci, Adel Hafiane, Donatello Conte, Pascal Makris, Pierre Vieyres, Alain Delbos
20/27 sept. 2015 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP2015), Canada Abstract : Ultrasound median nerve localization by classification based on despeckle filtering and features fusion. attachment  O. Hadjerci, A.Hafiane, D. Conte, P. Makris, P. Vieyres, A. Delbos.
7/11 sept. 2015 ICIAP, 18th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing, Genève (Italie) Abstract : Feature selection algorithm based filter for the nerve localization.attachment Oussama Hadjerci, Adel Hafiane,Pascal Makris, Donatello Conte, Pierre Vieyres, and Alain Delbos.
3/4 déc. 2014 Conference Surgetica, Chambery Poster : Direct model based needle trajectory generation for ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia. attachment  Morette N., Novales C., Housni A., Vieyres P., O. Hadjerci, A. Hafiane A., Delbos A.
Abstract : Direct model based needle trajectory generation for ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia. N. Morette, C. Novales, A. Housni, P. Vieyres, O. Hadjerci, A. Hafiane
22/24 oct. 2014

International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition, ICIAR2014, Vilamoura (Portugal)

Abstract : Nerve detection in ultrasound images using median Gabor binary pattern. O. Hadjarci, A. Hafiane, P. Makris, D. Conte, P. Vieyres and A. Delbos
Septembre 2014 Computers in Biology and Medicine N°52, Pages 88-95 Abstract : Phase-based probabilistic active contour for nerve detection in ultrasound images for regional anesthesia. attachment Adel Hafiane, Pierre Vieyres, Alain Delbos