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Aid for a Laptop Purchase

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This monetary support system allows students undergoing financial difficulties to request the help of the University in order to purchase a laptop computer for their studies.

This service was created in the framework of projects financed by the CVEC in 2023 and was suspended at the end of the university year in mid-July 2023. However, we offer you an alternative with Presto, the system for lending computers to students during their university year.


What is the Aid for a Laptop Purchase?

This aid is granted once per student, within the limits of the budget available for this action. 

Students who wish to benefit from this aid are invited to read carefully all the information on this page.

Students registered in 2nd year of a Master’s degree have until the end of the 1st semester to make a request, therefore until 31 December 2023.

What Kind of Financial Aid?

The UO helps students undergoing financial difficulties to purchase a reconditioned laptop computer (only) thanks to an aid between 100 and 300€.

If the student gets a favourable decision, he or she will have to make the purchase and then provide a receipt to obtain the reimbursement of the amount of aid.

In order to promote circular economy, the laptop needs to be bought at either NORIP store (5 rue de la Gabellière - 45380 La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin) or ENVIE store (2 rue Emile Leconte - 45140 Ingré) in order to benefit from this aid. 

Each application file is subject to a social assessment. 

Who Can Benefit from this Financial Aid?

Every student registered at the UO for the year 2023-2024 and who corresponds to the following criteria:

  • Benefitting from a scholarship and/or having financial difficulties;
  • Being assiduous to exams;
  • Not having already benefitted from the support for a laptop purchase service;
  • Being registered at the University of Orléans for the university year 2023-2024.

What Is the Procedure to Benefit from this Support Service?

1. Each student must send their request via the form below and upload all the following supporting documents (with the possibility to attach photos of the documents; we advise you to prepare them before submitting your form): 

  • ID card (double-sided), passport or residence permit of the student;
  • Bank details in the student’s name;
  • For scholarship (CROUS) students: the notification of final decision on the 2023-2024 scholarship
  • For non-scholarship students: download the social assessment board, complete it and attach your two lasts bank statements. (CAUTION: the board must be completed in Excel. Some cells are not editable).


Any fraudulent declaration will lead to the rejection of your application and make you ineligible for other social benefits.

2. Your application may be subject to a verification by the University social worker. The latter will contact you by email if they need more information (please check your student mailbox regularly).

3. Each student who applied with a complete file will receive a decision via email specifying if his or he request is accepted or denied.

4. Students who were given a favourable answer will then be able to purchase a laptop (only) by following the procedures that will be specified.

5. After the purchase, students will have to send the receipt (in their name) at the following address: and will receive the reimbursement of the aid amount within 15 days.


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