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5 back-to-school commandments

Foire aux questions spéciale rentrée

Vous avez des questions administratives ? Vous cherchez à joindre votre service scolarité ? Vous souhaitez avoir plus d'informations sur le déroulement de la rentrée

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Activating your personal digital account is the first step to get access to the university's tools and resources

Get organised

The new school year is rich in events and crucial steps to follow. To get off on the right foot, just follow the guide!


The university offers you a wide range of sports and cultural activities, most of which are free. It hosts more than 120 associations allowing everyone

Take care of yourself

Whether it is about your health, your food or your accommodation, the university and the Crous offer services to support you on a daily basis

Fit in

Happy Campus Day in Orléans (Thursday 12 September) is the first event of the new academic year for students. An opportunity to discover the campus

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