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Guide to Higher Education for High School Students

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This practical guide in French covers all aspects of higher education, and gives you sources for getting started or getting help. 

You can dowload the guide on the Ministry of Higher Education's website.

Below is the table of contents:

  • Building your future, p. 3
  • Financial aid, p. 5
  • Housing during your studies, p. 9
  • Taking care of your health, p. 12
  • Eating and drinking, p. 15
  • Getting involved while studying, p. 17
  • Playing sports while studying, p. 19
  • Cultural activities, p. 21
  • Finding a job at university while studying, p. 23
  • Distance learning and support close to home, p. 25
  • If you live in the French overseas departments and territories and will be studying in France, p. 27
  • Are you a student with special needs? p. 30
  • Do you have a disability or disabling health condition? p. 33