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“Studying in Orléans” Booklet

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This booklet contains all the information regarding the various services for students and their contact details.

The “Studying in Orléans” booklet is a true user’s guide for students of the UO. It will answer all the different questions you might ask during your studies.

In the booklet contents, you will find:

Cover of the "Studying in Orléans" booklet
  • Where am I going to study?
  • Being a successful student
  • The Student-life and Campus Contribution
  • How and when can I register?
  • The UO guides you
  • Financing your studies
  • Where can I find an accommodation?
  • Where can I eat?
  • Course guidance and professional integration
  • Health
  • Map of the Orléans La Source Campus
  • Helping students thrive
  • Improving your knowledge
  • Exerting and outdoing yourself
  • Studying abroad
  • My digital environment
  • The University libraries
  • Lifelong learning
  • Moving around
  • Useful contacts for students


▼ Download the booklet below (in French) ▼