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UEO (Introductory Courses)

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Here you can check the catalogues for intersecting and integrated introductory tcourses (UEO) as well as the exam calendar.

What Are the UEO?

The UEO are essential since they allow students to understand better how the content of their already quite specialised degrees fit into a wide field of knowledge which they will face during their professional or personal experience. 

They must be chosen by each student with the aim to widen their culture beyond their field of specialisation.

To this end, the University of Orléans offers you a wide range of introductory courses to choose from (scientific, legal, linguistic, historical, literary, sports, cultural…) in a catalogue specific to each College (integrated UEO) and via the Student Life Pole (cross-disciplinary UEO).

Registrations will take place online for both semesters here.

For the 3rd semester, a registration campaign is planned from 10am on Wednesday 30 August to 5pm on Wednesday 6 September, and for the 4th semester it will begin from Tuesday 14 November at 10am and finish on Friday 17 November at 5pm.


How to Choose Your Introductory Courses?

Each bachelor’s degree specialisation (with some exceptions) offers to choose an UEO (Introductory Courses), which corresponds to 3 credits, during its second year. 

These Introductory Teaching Units will only take place if enough students are registered (minimum 15 students). Some of them have a limited number of places that is mentioned in the catalogues. 

Caution! The course “Valorisation des engagements étudiants” (participating to student elections or community projects) by the Student Life Pole is to be validated with the Student Life Pole secretary on the 1st floor of the Students’ House before registration. (Contact: or by phone at 02.38 .49.48.11). More information can be found via the following link:

Some UEO are forbidden for students who specialise in the same field (for instance, “French Sign Language” is not open to students specialised in Language Sciences).

Most UEO take place over 10 weeks (with some exceptions).


You can check the schedule for the beginning of classes in your College or in your digital work environment (ENT).

You will find the exams schedule for even semesters, 1st session below.

This schedule deals only with cross-disciplinary UEO. To find the schedule for integrated UEO, please check your College’s website.