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My Lockdown Summed Up in 180 Seconds

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Discover some videos that illustrate the work of researchers during the lockdown!

Operation MC180 – “My Lockdown Summed Up in 180 Seconds”

This long compulsory lockdown remained however quite active in the teaching world, with the implementation of educational continuity, as well as in the field of research.

Researchers continued to work, write, proofread, submit… remotely, and we wanted to highlight this special research activity!

This initiative can be illustrated by short videos made by the researchers, in collaboration with the Learning Lab team of the University of Orléans, where researchers present their work during lockdown.




MC180 universite d'Orleans mon confinement activité RECHERCHE


MC180s: Claire DOUAT "Bref." (“Anyway.”)

  • Name of the teacher-researcher: Claire DOUAT – associate professor (MCF)
  • Laboratory: GREMI
  • Theme: Plasma

MC180s: Pierre ALLORANT "Une valse à 3 temps..." (“A three-beat waltz”)

  • Name of the teacher-researcher: Pierre ALLORANT – University professor 
  • Laboratory: POLEN
  • Theme: History of Law and Institutions


MC180s: Camille HESPEL "Attends, je finis mon travail et je t'explique !" (“Wait, let me finish my work and then I can explain!”)


  • Name of the teacher-researcher: Camille HESPEL – associate professor (MCF)
  • Laboratory: PRISME
  • Theme: Combustion