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In the DOIP's Documenttaion Centre, all documents are sorted by theme or by career and field of study. 


Links directory

Consult all the websites on professional guidance and integration listed by themes on Netvibes.
To help you with your career choice, we offer a Library and Documentation Centre.


Library file

Always at the reception desk, a communication and guidance officer or an orientation counsellor and psychologist will support you in your research by offering access to files such as:

  • University courses catalogue (BUT, bachelor's degrees, professional degrees, master's degrees...);
  • Thematic files by career fields (e.g. journalism, chemistry, paramedics, human resources...);
  • Detailed curricula and sites for BTS programmes;
  • Information on the IEP (Institutes of Political Studies);
  • Engineering schools directory listed by level and documentation on regional schools;
  • Business school directory as well as the documentation they publish;
  • Civil service entrance competitive exams (public service of the State, hospital, local authorities)

The DOIP subscribes to various journals on professional guidance that are available for consultation in the reading room.
Our service is also equipped with about ten computers on which you can find:

  • Information on job or trade written by the ONISEP (National Information Office on Courses and Careers)
  • The CIDJ's (Centre for Youth Information and Documentation) fact sheets: practical fact sheets on education programmes, jobs, and student life;
  • The ONISEP's job directory.

You also have open access without reservation to universities' and schools' websites. Those computers do not come with a word processor (they may only be used for internet searches).


Consultation d'ouvrages

Access to documentation

The DOIP is subscribed to several journals on professional guidance as well as to local and national daily press that can be consulted in the reading room.



List of documents available for consultation:

  • The ONISEP's "Parcours" (path) series;
  • The "Les métiers de..." (careers in...) series by L'Étudiant;
  • Some guides on civil service;
  • The APEC series on business functions.