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A list of projects supported by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) at the University of Orléans.


  • ERDF PROMESTOCK ENGINES                 
  • ERDF CRYOMEM - CRYOengraving for Energy Miscrosources and Miscrosystems
  • ERDF BLOWGLASS - Wind tunnel characterization of turbulent flows to improve the aerodynamic performance of various obstacles (BLOWGLASSES)
  • ERDF - CHEMBIO - Chemobiology platform for the development of new methodologies for therapeutic innovation
  • ERDF - VALBIOCOSM - Valorization of Biodiversity in Cosmetics
  • FEDER MISTIC - Intelligent Materials for the STImulated Release of Cosmetic Bioactives
  • ERDF MOOC Experimental creation of a MOOC "Spectroscopy: fundamentals and applications".
  • ERDF PRIMMO - Mutualized Medical Research and Innovation Platform
  • ERDF EURO-FERI - European Research Strategy for the Infectious Diseases Research Federation
  • ERDF PRESTO - High-rate prediction of the vulnerability of trees and vines to biotic and abiotic stresses
  • ERDF MEndES - Entry modules for health studies
  • ERDF DILL XP - Digital Learning lab- Pedagogical Experiments