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Researchers' and Teacher-Researchers' Careers

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The Teaching Staff Service and the Research and Partnerships Department offer support to researchers and teachers-researchers over the course of their careers.

Most requests require the approval of the Academic Council.

  • Young Teachers-researchers Discharge:

Due to the policy of integration of new associate professors as researchers, a discharge of 64 hours is automatically granted to any new hire provided the request is made in July with the approval of the head of the laboratory.
This discharge can be renewed up to twice, but is not always renewed. The Authorization Committee uses a report made by a colleague and the opinion of the head of the laboratory to consider the renewal, which is then submitted to the Research Committee.

  •  PEDR: Doctoral Supervision and Research Bonus

The University of Orléans' teachers-researchers may ask for the bonus for scientific excellence (PES). The Conseil Scientifique (Scientific Council) bases its criteria for the award of the PEDR on the national report written by the ministry.

  • Leave for Research or Thematic Transition (CRCT)

Any teacher-researcher (professor and associate professor) is entitled to request a leave for research or thematic transition, that is:

- As a part of a division of the National Council of Universities (CNU) in which an annual CRCT quota is determined by decree, granted upon proposal by the relevant divisions of the National council of universities.

- As a part of the University of Orléans and its institutions the Scientific Committee makes a selection based on a project submitted by the candidate, for a duration of either 6 or 12 months.

A quota of the leaves for research or thematic transition is assigned in priority to teacher-researchers who have performed for at least four years general interest duties or who invented or developed new lessons or innovative educational practices. A CRCT of a duration of 6 months can be granted after a maternity or parental leave, on the request of the teacher-researcher. The CRCT procedure can be requested during the same year from the NCU and from the institution to which the candidate was assigned. However, the teacher-researcher can only be granted one leave every six years regardless of duration, whether 6 or 12 months (an exemption can be granted if the candidate has been an employee for at least three years). Should one teacher-researcher have been suggested by both the NCU division and the institution, this teacher-researcher could only be granted one CRCT (6 or 12 months).

  • Delegations

- Teachers-researchers may request to be delegated to the CNRS for 6 or 12 months. Delegation requests are submitted to the Academic Council before they are forwarded to the CNRS. The application deadline is usually mid-March (see the CNRS' website).

- Teachers-researchers may request to be delegated to the Institut Universitaire de France (Academic Institute of France) as junior (under 40) or senior (over 40). The delegation lasts for 5 years, renewable once for seniors. It entitles to a discharge from teaching of 128 ETD hours and to the attribution of an annual research grant of around 15 000 euros. The application deadline is usually by late December/early January (see the IUF's website). 

  • Emeritus

The emeritus is an honorary title granted to HDR associate professors and professors who are permitted to retire. An emeritus teacher-researcher can supervise seminars, theses (ongoing and under his or her supervision), and be an examiner for a thesis or a HDR. Obtaining the title requires the approval of the Academic Council. The request is granted for at most 3 years, renewable.

An open call is made for colleagues by the laboratory managers, a complete file is required (short CV, an argumentative letter stating the reasons for the request, 1 scientific work project, the opinions of the department and the head of the laboratory).