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The University of Orléans described in a few figures. 

993 teacher-researchers/teachers

287 researchers

790 BIATSS staff

Source: single social report 2022

18,494 students enrolled

Source: Observatory of Student Life - January 2023


14 geographical sites and 7 cities

233,663 m² of gross floor area


3 Colleges (UFR):

  •  Law, Economics and Management;
  •  Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences;
  •  Science and Technology.

4 University Institutes of Technology (IUT)

1 Observatory of the Sciences of the Universe in the Centre-Val de Loire region (OSUC)

1 National Higher Schools for Professors and Educators (INSPE)

1 Engineering School (Polytech)

1 University School of Physiotherapy (EUK)

1 Département de la formation médicale

141 study programmes

5 main study fields:

  •  Arts, Literature and Languages
  •  Humanities and Social Sciences
  •  Law, Economics, Management
  •  Science, Technology and Health
  •  Science and Technology of Sport and Physical Activity (STAPS)


24 research units :

  • 9 mixed research units
  • 12 research teams of Higher Education and Research
  • 4 CNRS research units

9 research federations

5 Doctoral schools in the Collège Doctoral Centre-Val de Loire

  • 3 of them are co-accredited with the University of Tours