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Permanent Call for Themed Projects to Improve Life on Campus

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The University of Orléans wishes to support student initiatives regarding sustainable development, heritage, citizenship and health, through a new subsidy plan for projects that improve the life on the University’s campuses. 

Chartres Solar Cup - juin 2019

The race of solar powered vehicles Chartres Solar Cup, organised on 28 June 2019, benefitted from a 3 000 € subsidy in the framework of this new plan linked to the CVEC (photograph by Arnaud HEBERT)


Article L. 841‐5 of the Education Code states that the Student Life and Campus Contribution (CVEC) must favour “the welcome and the social, sanitary, cultural and sportive support of students and to strengthen the preventive and educational actions for student health”.

Circular n°2019‐ 029 specifies that “life on campus includes all services offered to students in order to improve their social support, to offer them cultural and sportive activities, to favour their initiatives and to support community projects, to implement actions for health or sustainable development. (…) The purpose of the CVEC is to finance the actions carried out by the services whose missions relate to student and campus life in higher education institutions, as well as in various associations, particularly student ones.”


Goals of the Call for Projects   

This new plan, implemented in the summer of 2019 thanks to the proceeds of the CVEC, is additional to the FSDIE. It aims at favouring student initiatives linked to themes defined as high-priority by the Minister of Higher Education (health) or among the actions to be developed (social support, citizenship, sustainable development) and the high-prioity themes for the institution (heritage, health, sustainable development).

With this call, the UO wishes to grant more space to student initiatives by encouraging their participation to the improvement of life quality on the campuses and to the influence of the institution, in accordance with the orientation given to the use of the proceeds of the CVEC.

Students can carry out innovative projects thanks to their diversity, their generational outlook and the wealth of their ideas. The point is to bring their proposals in line with the axes defined by the institution as structuring for student life. Flexible, creative student projects will have to be backed by a college, a department or a service of the University. These projects carried both by students and the institution will thus create a form a synergy. 


Nature of the Plan  

The call for projects helps carrying out and valuing a student project or a supervised project of public interest in the following areas:

  • Sustainable development;
  • Heritage;
  • Social life, citizenship and health.

The project must contribute to student quality of life, be of interest for students or all the university community. 

The call for projects helps financing large-scale projects with guarantees of soundness; it accompanies the study or the implementation phase by offering different types of support:

  • Financial support;
  • Visibility support thanks to an information campaign carried out by the various services of the University, even by local media;
  • Valuing through a presentation at the Bouillon of the various selected projects and their contribution in the framework of the Festival le Grand Bain.

Eligibility Criteria and Application    

Are deemed eligible:

  • Projects of associations recognised by the institution that did not ask for a subsidy at the FSDIE for these projects;
  • Supervised projects, potentially in an optional teaching unit, submitted by an association non recognised as a student association that answer the following criteria:
    • Being in one of the 3 themes identified as high-priority (sustainable development, heritage, social life, citizenship and health); 
    • Being a large-scale project with guarantees of soundness;
    • Improving life on campus, contributing to the quality of student life;
    • Beign backed by a college, a department or a service of the University related to the theme of the project and that showed its involvement in the project introduction file.

Additional criteria will be taken into account by the commission when examining the project, once the latter is deemed eligible:

  • Its capacity to interest students;
  • The number of students involved in the project;
  • The number of students potentially concerned by the project;
  • Its capacity to gather various partners around the project (student and non-student associations, other schools and universities, local institutions, etc.);
  • Its implementation within or near one of the campuses. External projects are not excluded if they benefit the students and reflect the University’s image;
  • The University’s influence outside campus;
  • Its innovative character.

Composition and Operation of the Project Selection Commission  

The application form can be downloaded online exclusively and must be sent to the Student Citizenship and Associative Life Department of the University before the first Monday of each month.

A commission will study the submitted forms at the beginning of each month. It is the commission that will decide whether the introduced project is selected or not. If it is selected, the commission will specify the nature of the subsidy offered, make recommendations, and may require modifications. It will then follow the project and study its assessment. 

The commission thus includes:

  • The commission president: the Campus Life Vice-President;
  • A representative of the College of Law, Economics and Management (UFR DEG);
  • A representative of 4 University Institutes of Technology (IUT);
  • A representative of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (UFR LLSH);
  • A representative of Polytech Orléans;
  • A representative of the College of Science and Technology (UFR ST);
  • The Student Vice-President of the University;
  • A representative of student associations;
  • The Head of the Associative Life and Student Citizenship Department;
  • The Head of the Cultural Department;
  • The Student Life Director.

At its president’s request, the commission may be supplemented by personalities with expertise in the themes of the examined projects. The amount of the overall envelope intended for the projects will be voted by the Board and the subsidies offered by the commission will be presented to the CFVU. 

  • See the composition of the commission (decree of the University President from 11 January 2022); 
  • Download the subsidy request form. The form is to be returned after completion to the Associative Life and Student Citizenship Department (Service de la vie associative et de la citoyenneté étudiante) – Students’ House 1st Floor (Maison de l’étudiant 1er étage) - BP 6749 - 45067 ORLEANS cedex 2 or via email at: