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Creating a Student Association

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Jardin ouvert permaculturel près du Bouillon - associations étudiantes campus Ecolo et Tribu Terre - campus de La Source - juin 2019


1 - How to create your association?

To create an association, there are three essential conditions:
- being at least two persons;
- drawing up a contract of association (the statutes);
- having a registered office (an address).

2 - The statutes of an association

They must specify the name, purpose and registered office of the association. 

There is no standard statutes, but you can easily find examples on the Internet.

3 - Why declaring an association in the Official Journal?

Declaring an association is not mandatory. In this case, the association acts under the personal responsibility of each member. However, declaration and publication give legal capacity, i.e. the possibility of giving, owning or selling goods, but also of receiving grants and being allocated premises by the university or CROUS.

  • Do you need more information? Contact the Student Associations and Citizenship Service on the 1st floor of the Students' House (Maison de l'Étudiant) in Orléans (02 38 49 48 11 or