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Applying on eCandidat

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A user’s guide to the eCandidat app is available here.


The eCandidat app allows you to apply to a selective course (2nd year of B.U.T., Professional Degrees and Master’s Degrees), and to some non-selective courses (3rd year Bachelor’s Degree Economics and Management, 3rd year Bachelor’s Degree MIAGE) by following the procedure below:

  1. Create your eCandidat account on the eCandidat app;
  2. Fill out your personal information;
  3. Create your application file.

Application campaigns start at the end of January 2023. You can check the application campaign dates for each training course by clicking on the documents at the bottom of the page.

Registration ways and means

  • Once you have obtained your degree results (which let you access the requested course), you must connect to the IA primo online registration app (if you have never been registered at the University of Orléans) or on the online re-registration app (if you already have been registered at the UO). 

Your login details are:

  1. Your OPI code (preceded by “EC”) followed by your eCandidat file number (also available in your eCandidat file);
  2. Your birth date in ddmmyyyy format.
  • For applicants who have to register on a work-study basis, please wait for your apprentice-training centre (CFA) to approve your file and for the school manager to enter a pass that will let you register online. Once the pass is entered, you will be able to register according to the same procedures as students in full time education by going on the online register app IAweb or the re-register app IAréins;
  • Applicants who have to register in continuing education must contact the SEFCO department.

You can check your registration for 2023/2024 or edit your registration summary at any time by clicking here.