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BlendEd Mobility Project

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A Blended programme will take place at the University of Orléans in February 2023.

Blended Mobility Projects (BMP) are different from Blended Intensive Programmes. The BMP educational concept, which was created in 2009, combines physical academic mobilities, virtual mobilities and blended learning. BMP aim at promoting employability for students in higher education and internationalising their profiles. 

BMP focus on teamwork and international collaboration between students of different disciplines. Companies launch projects that will then be put to the test by the different teams of students depending on their study areas (development, design, marketing, business, etc). Each team need to be multidisciplinary to mimic a project building in a professional setting. 


Crucial information :

  • Duration: around a semester (4 months on average) with two physical mobilities of one week each and the remainder of the mobility is virtual. Dates vary since semesters are different at each university.
  • ECTS: the number of ECTS will differ for each person (min: 6 ECTS, max: 20 ECTS). For some students, a BMP can replace a course or even an internship. This decision needs to be taken by the Head of the degree. 
  • Assessment: the organisational committee of each BMP will decide the assessment criteria. However, several factors will be taken into account: teamwork, evaluation by peers, and individual contribution (process, product, documents, reports, presentations etc). 


Progress of a Blended Mobility Project :

  1. Kick-off meeting: this meeting will occur face-to-face in one of the partner universities. This is the first physical mobility. During this event, students meet each other, and the projects are launched. This allows the various teams to get organised and prepare the logistical progress of the project for the virtual mobility. 
  2. Development of the project: this part of the project is the longest and takes place remotely (virtual mobility). During the development of the project, students will work from their home university and will have to stay in touch with the other members of their team to follow the advancement.  
  3. Closing ceremony: this will also take place at one of the partner universities (second physical mobility). this event allows students to finalise their project and present their results to the organisational committee.


When will the next Blended Mobility Project take place? 

It will be during the first semester of 2023. The kick-off meeting will be in Orléans.

More information on the company projects here.