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What's a BIP?

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A new type of international mobility!

A Blended Intensive Programme - BIP - is a new mode of mobility launched by the Erasmus+ programme. BIPs combine physical mobility and virtual learning. Higher education institutions organise them on various themes. 


  • Duration: the physical mobility lasts 5 to 30 days depending on the establishment. There is no time limit for virtual mobility.
  • ECTS:  ECTS credits are granted to the learner at the end of the BIP. The number depends on the programme. 
  • Who: there are BIPs for students and staff (administrative or teaching).
  • Funding: there is Erasmus+ funding available for the physical mobility of a BIP. Please contact the International Central Office for more information.


List of previous BIPs : 

  • BIP WEMP: Digital Geosciences, organised by the University of Orléans (students - Master, PhD)
  • BIP Smart Communities: organised by Vilnius Tech (students)
  • BIP MAKERS 5.0: organised by Vilnius Tech (students)