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Educational fictional contest for business creation, dedicated to students.




Créa Campus Orléans: regional student contest for business creation



1) Do you have an idea you would like to develop?

2) You do not have an idea, but you would like to use your skills to help a team?

3) Are you simply curious and looking for a unique experience?

Créa Campus Orléans is for you: a business creation simulation (serious game), business being used in the broad sense (associative project, start-up, charity...)




Créa Campus: why participate?



With Créa Campus, you will facilitate your professional integration. You will develop skills complementing the ones you acquired during your degree: marketing and communication, managing a budget, management...

Créa Campus is a network of over 40 professionals who are from outside the university and mobilised for you. This way, you will develop professional contacts with businesses that could become your future employers for internships and jobs.

Finally, every year an award ceremony is organised, with prizes going from 500€ to 1500€ (or even 5000€ if you earn several prizes!).




Créa Campus: how does it work?




From October to March, you will attend talks from experts on creative careers, you will meet professionals on the themes of entrepreneurship, and you will get coaching from a mentor.

Teaching sessions, workshops, one-on-one meetings, collective events: different types to let you develop as many skills as possible to succeed, and above all to have fun while developing your project!

For more information: Créa Campus, Créa Campus, libère ton esprit d'entreprendre ! [unleash your entrepreneurial spirit!]