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 Here you will find all the news on symposiums at the University of Orléans. 


Symposium on Metallurgy and Money

Archaeology, numismatics and archaeometry of copper alloys in the Second Iron Age

4 and 5 April 2022
Orléans, Hôtel Dupanloup

Poster du 15e colloque de l'association Almoreal dont le sujet est "Murs, barrières, obstacles dans les mondes hispaniques", les 25 et 26 mars 2021

Almoreal Symposium: “Walls, Barriers, Obstacles in Hispanic Worlds”

Fifteenth international symposium of the Hispanist Association ALMOREAL ((Angers Le Mans Orléans Relations Europe Amérique Latine) organised in March 2021 on the theme “Walls, barriers, obstacles in Hispanic worlds”. The symposium publications are published in two issues of the online journal HispanismeS of the Société des Hispanistes Français:  et

All teachers-researchers of the Spanish department have participated to this project by getting involved in the scientific committee, in the organisation of the symposium, in proofreading and in article writing. It is thus a collective work, which reflects the diversity of Hispanism and gathers both the work of renowned Hispanists (including the former head of the Real Academia Española, the Spanish equivalent of the Académie Française) and the ones of young doctorate students who published their first article there. 

Read the symposium programme here



IT Days in the Centre-Val de Loire Region

A look back at the 15th JIRC (IT Days in the Centre-Val de Loire Region) organised by the ICVL federation that took place on 21 and 22 October 2021 in Blois.

Since 2005 IT laboratories in the University of Orléans (LIFO) and Tours (LIFAT) have been sharing their research work on the occasion of scientific days. Organised by the ICVL federation (IT in the Centre –Val de Loire region), these meetings took place this year on the Blois campus (University of Tours) and gathered more than 40 participants coming from the 4 regional sites (Blois, Bourges, Orléans and Tours) and from our 3 main institutions (INSA Centre-Val de Loire, University of Orléans and University of Tours).

For the first time, two days (on 21 and 22 October 2021) were dedicated to rich exchanges, in particular around two invited lecturers: Simon Martiel (Senior Scientist, ATOS Quantum), who came to present a state of play on quantum computing, as well as a conference by  Nicolas Sabouret (Professor at University of Paris-Saclay) on the modelling of cognitive biases for the study of human decision errors. In addition, the scientific programme revolved around a tutorial and about 20 presentations of the various research work and projects that are currently being carried out by the LIFO and LIFAT research teams, among which: program verification, parallel programming, machine learning, computer security, data privacy, databases, automatic language processing and operations research. You can find the complete IT Days programme on the JIRC website and the news on the ICVL federation here.

See you on the Orléans campus for the next edition of the IT Days in 2022!