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Founded in 1306 by Pope Clement V, the University of Orléans is one of the oldest European universities.

Histoire de l'UO

The UO is renowned across Europe. It closed its doors during the French Revolution in 1793, like every other university in France, but came back to life in the 1960s with the creation of a campus in the South of Orléans. Since then, it has developed and expanded in the 6 administrative departments in the Centre-Val de Loire region.


Today, it is composed of 3 Colleges – Law, Economics and Management (DEG) – Science and Technology (CoST) – Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences (LLSH), 4 Institutes of Technology (IUT), a National Higher School for Teaching and Education (INSPE), a Polytech School of Engineering, an Observatory of the Sciences of the Universe (OSUC) and a University School of Physiotherapy (EUK).

Histoire de l'UO