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The President the presidential team.

The President of the University is elected for a period of four years by the members of the Administrative Council. He is elected by an absolute majority of elected members of the AC. His mandate is renewable once. He is assisted by the vice-presidents elected on his recommendation and has authority over all the university staff. He is the representative of the university to the Minister for Higher Education and of Research and of Territorial Collectivity. He approves revenue and expenditure. He is responsible for maintaining order, and appoints the examinations councils.

The President the presidential team

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President of the University of Orléans


Central Councils

Administrative Council

Éric BLOND, Vice-President of the Administrative Council

Academic Council

Raphaëlle BELLANDO, President of the Academic Council

Yann MERCIER-BRUNEL, Vice-President of the Academic Council in charge of the Training and University Life Commission

Ioan TODINCA, Vice-President of the Academic Council in charge of the Research Commission


Executive Vice-Presidents

Florence ABRIOUX, Executive Vice-President "Vie des Campus" (Life on Campus)

Luigi AGROFOGLIO, Executive Vice-President "Relations Internationales - hors Europe" (International Relations - outside Europe)

Anne DELOUIS, Executive Vice-President "Relations Internationales - Europe" (International Relations - Europe)

Ali ED-DBALI, Executive Vice-President "Numérique et innovation pédagogique" (Digital and educational innovation)

Catherine JULIE-BONNET, Executive Vice-President "Formation Continue et Alternance" (Continuous Training)

Frédérique LETORT, Executive Vice-President in "Moyens" (Finance)


Project Managers

Didier CHAVRIER, Project Manager "Égalité - Diversité" (Equality - Diversity)

Stéphane CORDIER, Project Manager "Projet Orléans Grand Campus" (Orléans Grand Campus Project)

Bruno GENDRON, Project Manager "Handicap et égalité des chances auprès des personnels" (Disabilities and equality of opportunity with the staff)

Fabienne MÉDUCIN, Project Manager "Handicap et égalité des chances auprès des usagers" (Disabilities and equality of opportunity with the users)

Olivier PINAULT, Project Manager "Sport et Bien-être" (Sports and Well-being)

Sébastien RINGUÉDÉ, Project Manager "Coordination des outils d'aide au pilotage" (Coordination of control assistance tools)

Brahim SARH, Project Manager "Fondation et Entrepreneuriat" (Foundation and Entrepreneurship)