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The dialogue between sciences and society aims at sharing the work of researchers and the result of their research with as many people as possible. However, committing to the communication and collaboration work in order to understand our complex world is a true challenge. With this dialogue, research unveils itself, updates its methods and sometimes goes against common preconceptions. 

The law of 22 July 2023 underlines the importance of “encouraging interactions between sciences and societies” and the University of Orléans wishes to structure and develop this work of scientific communication for all audiences. The aim is to establish a trustworthy relationship between scientists and the non-academic world. This work is important so that the results of research can be used more quickly and on a broader scale. This opening of research towards a larger audience changes the way to create and share knowledge. It contributes to solving society issues. 



Geneviève GUETEMME

Policy officer
“Sciences with and for society” (SAPS)



Science with and for society: the measures of the LPR (Law for the 2021-2023 research programme)
Source: French Ministry of Higher Education and Research

Charter for participative science and research in France
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