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Who Cannot Become a Temporary Teacher?

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Discover the various professional situations that are not compatible with a recruitment as a temporary lecturer.


♦ BIATSS staff of the University of Orleans

These staff members can nonetheless carry out teaching or training hours within the framework of multiple jobholding.


♦ Teachers and Teachers-Researchers who are civil servants or contract workers

These teachers can carry out complementary hours within their teaching structure or any other teaching structure of the UO depending on the limits settled by the 2020-44 Deliberation of the Board on 10 July 2020 and the Deliberation of 18 November 2016, and in accordance with the Chancellor Note on multiple jobholding for teachers and teachers-researchers of 22 March 2018.


♦ Temporary Research Assistants and Assistant Lecturers (ATER) and Foreign Language Assistants from another University


♦ Doctoral students who are under a doctoral contract with the UO

They cannot carry out teaching assignments within the UO.
The teaching hours they carry out if need be are complementary missions included in their contract, within the limit of 64 hours equivalent to tutorials (HETD).


♦ Post-doctoral students who receive a research grant of any kind

An organism awarding a grant to a post-doctoral student is not considered as an employer. Indeed, this type of financial support does not result in an employment contract. 


♦ Unemployed workers at the 1st of September of the planned recruitment year

Exemption in case of loss of employment during the academic recruitment year:

If temporary lecturers whose applications were deemed admissible lose their main activity during the year, they can still keep their teaching duties for an academic year at most.
Example: A part-time lecturer recruited during the academic year 2021-2022, who loses his or her employment during that same year, can carry out his or her courses up until the end of the year 2021-2022. Beyond that year, recruitment will be subject to proof of a new main activity.


♦ Pensioners who used to work at the UO as their main activity


♦ Officers who have reached the age limit for activity


♦ Teachers and Teachers-Researchers from another establishment who benefit from a teaching release (except for union leave)


♦ Teachers-Researchers from another establishment who benefit from a leave for research or thematic conversions (CRCT)


♦ Permanent post holders on parental leave


♦ Permanent post holders on extended leave


♦ Permanent post holders on unpaid leave