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DuoDay 2022

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A very positive result for this 3rd edition at the University of Orléans!

DuoDay is a national event that is part of the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities (SEEPH). During DuoDay, a person with a disability who is applying for a job or in training will form a professional duo with one of us. The idea is for the disabled person to perfect their career orientation and discover a job or start a career path; for the staff who welcome them, to introduce them to their job and professional skills.

The DuoDay event at the University of Orléans took place on 17 November 2022 and saw the formation of 9 duos between people with disabilities and volunteer staff from the institution. In the 2 previous editions, 4 duos were formed in 2021 and 3 in 2020.

Estampille handicap UO


Estampille Égalité Diversité

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to our colleagues: Claire AVOL, Valérie BRUEZ, Guylaine ESPINASSE, Laurence GROSSIER, Alexandra LABRUNE, Yves LEROY, Cédric MAFFRE, Valérie RICHARD, Sandrine ROBERT, who made this event a success, as well as to all our colleagues who had committed to sponsoring a duo, but no candidate took up their offer.

Let's hope that next year there will be even more pairs!

At the University, these 9 participants were welcomed individually by each colleague in the following libraries, components or services: Science University Library, Orléans IUT, Châteauroux IUT, Vocational Guidance Services, College of Science and Techniques (chemistry department), University School of Management (IAE) and the International Relations Office. We are pleased with this diversity.

DuoDay 2022 - Photo de groupe


Here are some feedbacks from candidates and colleagues at the University:


Mr Y. (DuoDay participant with Mr Cédric MAFFRE, ICOA)

“I'd like to thank Mr MAFFRE Cédric and the University for organising DuoDay and welcoming me to the event. I found that introduction very rewarding and learned a lot about IT during the day, a field that interests me, particularly network administration.

I was able to talk to Mr MAFFRE, and I also asked him if there might be a vacancy in the future. He told me that it wasn't possible in the immediate future and gave me the opportunity to do an internship with him one day, if necessary.

I may contact your services again once I've passed my exams and obtained my diploma.”


Valérie RICHARD (Orléans IUT, Chemistry Department)

“I had a really good day with my partner, Mrs T., on DuoDay.
We got on really well straight away. When we got back to our academic division, Yves LEROY, Guylaine ESPINASSE and I had planned a tour of the IUT for our pairs. They were introduced to the Chemical Engineering workshop, the server room, the GMP (Mechanical and Production Engineering) workshop and a room with 3D printers as we toured the IUT.
After asking our pairs if they weren't struggling too much, we decided not to finish the tour because some of them were starting to get backache. They later admitted to me that they didn't dare tell us.
Back at the office, I showed Mrs T some of my work.
The morning ended with the IUT autumn picnic. Mrs T. really appreciated the opportunity to chat. The staff and teachers at the IUT made no difference between Mrs T. and other staff members. A fellow teacher even asked her which department she worked in. Mrs T. was obviously delighted.
During the afternoon, she was able to work a little with me.
Before she left, we exchanged mobile phone numbers and gave her an Orléans IUT tote bag with goodies. Mrs T was very surprised and very appreciative. That same evening, she sent me a message saying that the day had been a great help to her and that she would like to work at the University. We'll be in touch.”

Sandrine ROBERT (IAE Orléans)

"I'd like to thank you for the organisation that made this day possible!
As far as I am concerned, this day was a great opportunity for exchange. Mrs A. took an interest in our work and we explained to her our place in the organisation chart of our College, as well as the implications of the various departments for the benefit of the students.
She was with me in the morning and my colleague added some information in the afternoon.
Discreet and reserved, Mrs A. very quickly understood the value of our position within the College of Law, Economics and Management.
Intellectually curious, she asked us various questions that required elaborate answers...

We would be delighted to repeat the experience... thanks to Mrs A., and at the end of the day we had the impression that our exchange had been enriching and positive on both sides.”


Mr G. (DuoDay participant with Mr Yves LEROY, Orléans IUT, IT Department)

“I would like to thank you for welcoming me to your IT department. Your availability, kindness and professionalism enabled me to make the most of my DuoDay and to confirm my training course choice.”


Laurence GROSSIER (Indre IUT)

“I wasn't alone in this first DuoDay, because all staff members (both administrative and teaching) at the Indre IUT took the time and had the pleasure to present their different missions to Mr F., and I'd like to thank them all very much.

We had a wonderful, enjoyable and rewarding day.”

DuoDay 2022 - IUT de l'Indre