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The University offers a wide range of both cultural and physical activities, with most of them freely accessible.

It hosts more than a hundred student associations and community projects, allowing everyone to get involved in areas that suit them.

Bougez-vous !

The UO Offers You an Access to Culture

With the implementation of the CVEC (student-life and campus contribution), all the artistic and cultural programme of the Bouillon has become free for students. Do not hesitate to come and meet a great variety of artists and universes!

The Bouillon, cultural centre of the UO, is located next to the Students’ House (“Maison de l’Étudiant”). It offers a theatre, a cinema, concerts, dance performances, screenings, literary meetings, conferences and debates…


The SUAPSE (University Service for Physical and Expressive Activities) offers an access to sports practice as leisure. As of the start of the university year 2023-2024, you can choose 3 sport slots per semester for free. Check the SUAPSE hours online, knowing that the activities will start on Monday 11 September 2023, and registrations will open on CELENE for students on Monday 4 September at 9:00am.

The ASUO is a university sports association that offers students to participate in university competitions. For more information, you can check the ASUO Facebook page.

Student Associations

There are more than a hundred different associations and community projects on the Orléans campus. Some involve certain specialisations and Colleges of the University (BDEs, clubs…), others are cross-disciplinary (sports, theatre, choirs, radio shows, student unions…).