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The Charter of Student Associations

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The purpose of this charter is to contribute to the development of community life, while respecting public order and the principle of neutrality of the public service.

To be accepted, the association must sign this charter at the beginning of each academic year and being composed of a majority of students registered at the University of Orléans. Moreover, the president of the association must be a student at the University of Orléans.

An association that has signed the charter agrees to act with respect for the dignity of the human person, public order and secularism. Therefore,any sexist, discriminatory or religious proselytism activity is forbidden. The association must not engage in any lucrative activity and any sale on the university site requires the prior agreement of the President of the University, after written request from the Pôle Vie Étudiante (Student Life Pole) or the branch involved in the event.